Saturday, September 2, 2006


Okies I know its been a while since I did an update. Here goes. I just got married on Aug 21, 2006. My weight before the wedding had gotten up to 288. I am now down to 273. Ive gotten back into my routine again and am exercising like I should and now that all the family is out of my house I don't have all the ready to eat snack foods around. As far as me getting married that would be my husband in the pics above. We first dated when I was 15. Through the yrs we have broke up and finally I believe we have grown up enough to continue through life together. He has known me when I was smaller than I am now and when I was at my highest weight and still liked me. Im not sure if ya'll can tell in the pics but I do have quite a bit of belly skin that I plan on having removed. I am going to have to wait though until we have had the children we want to have. Since a tummy tuck can cause complications with pregnancy. Well guess thats all for now. *huggles.