Tuesday, December 16, 2003


I know it has been a while but things have been a bit hectic. First I got my shrink to write a letter of clerence to my surgeon. Second I have had both of my sleep studies. The first was on Dec 5th. During that one they hooked me up to all sorts of electrodes to monitor my sleep, breathing, snoring, etc... They also video taped me sleeping. When the tech woke me the next morning she said that I definately needed to come back for the second study. During the second one they not only did the same monitoring as before but they also hooked me up to a CPAP Machine. That was ok except that it made my nose so dry that it hurt. Today I met with the nurologist to go over the results. He said that I stopped breathing 11 times in an hr for a total of 69 times during the first study. My oxygen dropped to 80% also during that time and out of a possible 8 hrs of sleep I got 6. So he ordered a CPAP for me with a humidifier (for the dry nose problem). I go for my fitting tomorrow. The nurologist is going to fax the results to my surgeon. So now it will just be a waiting game for the insurance.

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